Yulia Skrypka's charity vernissage "Art in Heart"

⠀This is not the artist's first solo exhibition, but this project is especially important for Yulia, as the proceeds from the sales of her works during the vernissage will go to the needs of the children's hospital
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ For the Art in Heart exhibition, Yulia has specially created a whole series of works with animals as the central figures. By the way, the vernissage will also feature the works of the artist's young students, who also turned to the theme of animals in their work. For the artist, these are not just animals, but messages encoded in picturesque animalistic symbols, phrases that appeared in the form of magnificent animals released into the sky - this is the philosophical idea of this very childish and adult vernissage.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀"Why animals? It's simple: this topic is very close to me, because even the most ferocious predator is harmless compared to a human. If we recall the parable of the Lamedevniks (secret righteous people in the Jewish mystical tradition) in Jorge Luis Borges "The Writing of the God", the balance of good and evil on Earth is maintained only because when one person dies on one end of the world, another is born on the other. So, for me, children and animals are real lamedevils who need protection and love to maintain the balance established by the universe." Yulia's art objects are created mainly in the ancient magical technique of levkas painting (in iconography, the name of the ground, which is chalk mixed with animal or fish glue with the addition of linseed oil) - paintings, jewelry, glassware.